Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Reviving the Blog

posted by Kathy

As the blogger for Beeston Quakers, I've been more than a little slow in posting. Family matters and work have occupied me. I shall do my best to blog from time to time and, if I can, to recruit a further blogger or two.

Meanwhile it's good to report that the Meeting is happily settled in the Chilwell Memorial Hall and that attendance, after a dip, has  begun to grow again. This doesn't make us a large Meeting but it's been good to welcome new members and attenders who bring insights and enlarge our ways of seeing and understanding. 

We continue to welcome visitors - and invite them to join us for hot drinks (tea, coffee, herbal tea) and biscuits after Meeting for Worship. If you would like to join us and see what a Quaker Meeting is like, do come along. There is no cost or obligation to coming along and you will be very welcome.

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