Wednesday, 29 August 2007

A message from Jonathan to Beeston Quakers

posted by Kathy for Jonathan

Quaker Quest gets underway at Nottingham FMH on Weds Sept 26th. Before then, we want to circulate as many homes as possible with a leaflet drawing people's attention to these meetings. From the day after the Saturday training day (Sept 8), we hope that as many Friends as possible will drop leaflets through letter boxes.

Can Beeston Quakers help in this task? I have packs of about 30 each which I would be glad to deliver to anyone who do some distributing. I would need to make a note of streets you cover to avoid duplication.

We are well aware that only a tiny fraction will result in an attender at Quaker Quest, but it will mean that more people become aware that Quakers still exist.

In friendship,


If you want to help, you can mention it at Meeting on Sunday or e-mail Kathy if you don't know how to contact Jonathan directly. Or you can post a comment.

Back to Meeting

posted by Kathy
I don't expect Meeting on Sunday will look anything like this. We wouldn't know what to do with all the people and the costumes might excite attention. Besides, with shared Eldership, we would have problems with an Elders' Bench.

However, it will be good to get back to Meeting on Sunday. Yes, it's September on Saturday. That means we're back to weekly Meetings for Worship (at the Day Centre in Middle Street at 10.30 a.m.).

Meanwhile, here's a peaceful photo that I took on my holiday. Other peaceful holiday pictures would be welcome additions to the blog - as would thoughts and reflections from the summer. I hope you've all had a good summer and look forward to seeing you again.

Please remember Rhiannon's request that we consider what we'd like to do for National Quaker Week. It doesn't have to be anything very big or time-consuming but if you would like to wear a badge or put up a poster, for instance, it might be as well to get the badge or poster in advance.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

More on Quaker Quest

posted by Kathy

I've just received an e-mail from Nigel at Nottingham about Quaker Quest.

It's going to run in Nottingham starting on Wednesday, 26th September. There will be two cycles of six evening meetings before Christmas.

Anybody who would be interested in taking part (prospective speakers, facilitators, caterers, etc.) is invited to a preparatory workshop on Saturday 8th September (the workshop runs from 10.00 to 4.00 with bring and share lunch).

Please contact me or Rhiannon if you are interested and would like further details. You can also request information through posting a comment, so long as one of us has your contact information.