Monday, 9 March 2009

Watford Friends Sharing

by Rhiannon

Just a quick post to alert you to an interesting Quaker project (I'm not supposed to call it a blog, although it runs on blog technology): Watford Friends Sharing. Watford Meeting's Outreach Committee are aiming to post a piece of poetry, writing, or art every First Day, on their newly redecorated website. (The art currently takes the form of the selection of large photographs at the top of every page; at least one of those photos is mine, so you should click onto some other pages to see the rest.)

My excuse for posting about this is that yesterday they posted a poem of mine, Quaker Cake. It was written in Edinburgh in 2007, but reflects my experience of Quaker Meetings up and down the UK: I think Edinburgh is the furthest north I've ever been to Meeting and Come-to-Good the furthest south, but Watford, Beeston, Holyhead, Exmouth, and others have all been important to me, and were in my mind as I wrote.

Some might read the poem as gently mocking. I'd like to assure readers that it is done with great fondness.