Tuesday, 25 March 2008

I didn't make it to Aldermaston ... but thousands did

posted by kathy

I wish I'd been at Aldermaston yesterday. In the end, other responsibilities got in the way. But it's good to know that thousands of people turned up for the 50th anniversary demonstration against nuclear weapons.

It would be better to know that there was no need for such demonstrations. Unfortunately, nuclear weapons are still a danger to the world - and may be a worse danger now than in 1958, when the first Aldermaston march took place.

Further information is available on the CND website. The national site can be found by clicking HERE. You can find the Nottingham CND site HERE. (If you wish to look at relevant sections from Quaker Faith and Practice, click HERE.)

Edited to add: http://edition.cnn.com/video/?/video/world/2008/03/25/black.uk.peace.symbol.50.cnn> The protestors behind Pat Arrowsmith are Watford Link Group (teenagers from several meetings for those who don't know the jargon) outing to the demo.

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bookgeek:rhiannon said...

Yes. My mother and younger brother were there-a coach went from Watford Meeting, so they made it a family outing.